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Welcome to my Virtual Camouflage Museum

The purpose with this website is not to display all the camouflage patterns of the world (if you are interested in that I recommend Camopedia), but to show some interesting patterns along with some history of the development and changes of the patterns over the years.

201032623440 denmark.jpgCssr mlok.jpgDenmark m84 desert pattern.jpgGermany flecktarn.jpgSwitzerland tass57 pattern.jpg


Belgian brushstroke

Puzzle pattern

Moons and Balls


Czechoslovakia 1st swamp.jpg 1st swamp pattern Quite similar to the German WW2 sumpfmuster

Cssr swamp2.jpg 2nd swamp pattern A development of the "1st swamp pattern"

Airborne oversuits Letní maskovací odev se skvrnami (Summer camouflage dress)

Czechoslovakia vz60 pattern.jpg Vz 60 "rain pattern"

Cssr mlok.jpg Vz 59 "mlok" ("salamander")


Tanker's suit M/1952

M/58 plain green combat uniform

Denmark camoscarf pattern.jpgDanish camo scarf

Denmark m84 pattern.jpg M/84 pattern

Denmark t78 pattern.jpg T/78

Com multicam pattern.jpg Kampuniform M/11 New Danish camouflage uniform in the MultiCam pattern


Norwegian quartershelter

Norway m75 pattern.jpg M/75 camouflage smock

M/98 camouflage uniform

Norwegian air force work uniform

Norwegian desert uniform


Swedish quartershelter

Sweden m90 pattern.jpg M90


Switzerland tass57 pattern.jpg Swiss Leibermuster


Yugoslavia m89 pattern.jpg M89 uniform

"History lines"

The history of some patterns - how they have developed and changed over time...

Germany flecktarn.jpg Flecktarn The German 5 colour pattern now in current use by the German Bundeswehr, but also used by Denmark, Poland and China in other colourations...

Uk dpm pattern.jpg DPM Disruptive pattern material originally developed by the British, now used by as diverse countries as Netherlands, UK, Indonesia, Bulgaria and New Zealand...

Needle patterns.jpg Warsaw Pact rain pattern Most Warsaw Pact countries did at one time or another use rain patterns. The "rain" concept dates back from WW2 German uniforms.

Infrared patterns

Czechoslovak rain IR.jpg Infrared patterns

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