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Sloeringsmoenster 3629 e.jpg Photo: Forsvarets Materieltjeneste (http://forsvaret.dk/FMT)

The new Kampuniform M/11. The cut is very much like the M/84 uniform. This is the heavy version, so far I haven't seen any photos of the light version but assume it would look like the M/01 Balkan and desert uniform

Danish multicam.jpg Photo: Forsvarets Materieltjeneste (http://forsvaret.dk/FMT)

10th of November 2011 Forsvarets Materieltjeneste ("Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization") announced that the new Kampuniform M/11 ("Combet Uniform M/11") would be made in the MultiCam pattern also used by a number of other countries (incluing USA, Australia etc. and a version of this pattern is used by the British Forces which the Danish are operating alongside in Afghanistan).

It is expected that the uniforms will be issued from 2013 and on, gradually replacing both the green and the desert version of the M/84.

The new uniform will be made in a "heavy" and "light" version.

Forsvarets Materieltjeneste claims that the MultiCam pattern is suitable for 80 per cent of all terrain.

The press announcement (in Danish)

Photo of the commercial MultiCam pattern:

Com multicam pattern.jpg