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Many German factories was located on Czechoslovak territory during WW2. It was also in Czechoslovakia in the very end of WW2 that troops fought wearing the famous Leibermuster pattern.

Czechoslovak uniforms are usually well-marked with stamps. The uniforms are also well-made and quite ingenious - new patterns, infra-red treated etc.

How to recognize Czechoslovak uniforms?

Czechoslovak uniforms are usually stamped with a "crossed swords" stamp (from Vz 60 long jacket):

Cssr label.jpg

Another example of Czechoslovak stamps - this time from a Vz 60 jacket:

Czechoslovakia vz60 label.jpg


1st swamp pattern Quite similar to the German WW2 sumpfmuster

2nd swamp pattern A development of the "1st swamp pattern"

Airborne oversuits Letní maskovací odev se skvrnami (Summer camouflage dress)

Mlok pattern

"Needles" pattern